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Solar Panels

Financial efficiency

A key factor for many homeowners in selecting solar power is cost effectiveness. We evaluate solar panels based on "financial efficiency", or the cost of the energy the solar panels on homes will produce over their lifetime (cost per kilowatt hour produced). Our relationships with top home solar panel manufacturers give us access to high performance, high quality products at volume discount prices. Specifically, RHS has chosen solar panels that have among the industry's highest energy production performance in real world operating conditions. This means with RHS, for every Watt of system size you pay for, you get more energy production. This further improves the financial efficiency and your return on investment.

Beautiful and custom design

The home solar panels we use are sleek and attractive. All feature a low profile aesthetic that beautifully compliments any architectural style.

RHS will craft your system with the best home solar power panels to fit your home's architecture and your family's energy needs. Your RHS consultant will suggest which home solar panels will work best for you and can share photos of solar panel installations on homes like yours so you'll know what to expect.

Buying a solar power system is a great option for many homeowners. You'll need money to purchase the system and a good accountant who understands solar energy tax credits. It’s a solid investment with good returns and other great benefits.

  • 30% or more credit on your tax return–Purchasing a system can lead to big federal and state solar tax rebates.
  • No monthly solar payments–Who wouldn’t want to eliminate a bill every month?
  • 6-8 year payback on investment–System purchases typically see a return on investment in less than 10 years.
  • 30-year protection plan–You own the solar panel system, but we’ll still take care of all repairs and insurance at no added cost.